11 September 2014

Used to be...

The other day, Noble and I were laying on the couch watching "Mom's Night Out."  The main character had a freak out when her family trashed their house and she admitted her clean freak tendencies.  Noble looked at me and smiled, "you USED to be like that."

My first response, that I'm not proud of?  I was like, what?  Is this kid saying I don't like things clean?  But I realized, he said it totally without judgment.  Don't you just love kids?

That was cool, that he accepted me both as I was and as I am.

And you know what else is cool?  That our kids know who we are, that they know our stories.  They know where we come from and where we hope to go.  They KNOW us.

Isn't that all any of us wants, to know and be known?  To be accepted?

What a blessing, all from a simple statement and a smile.

PS--this made me think about my favorite workshop to present back in the day...I dug this out of the closet!  Those are transparencies, people...

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