28 August 2013

A New Season

A new season has begun in our family.

The night before this season felt a lot like Christmas Eve...there was no, "I can't believe summer's ending." They were ready for and excited about the new season. Frankly, so were we, which surprised me!

We were ready with shoes and clothes and supplies, and we did a little late evening prepping, as well. Neither child could sleep for the excitement-the big one started out in our bed, and the little one ended up there. I was grateful to be calm and comfort.

And there's always a bit of whimsy around here.

We enjoy our traditions.

And we celebrate how big and beautiful they are. We are blessed with kids we like, and we try not to take them for granted.

We celebrate the little things, like lunch boxes that beep and boop and light up.

We coordinated their arrival, even though they have different teachers for the first time since kindergarten.

I wandered around lost for most of the day, and then it was time to navigate 2 carlines. I'll learn.

I tried to surprise her with a back to school pedi on Sunday, but I was the one surprised when not one nail place was open! So we went after school.

And I soaked up the just being with them again.

At home, time to unwind and visit and another tradition-the line up of first day pics, all the way back to 3 years old.

With this new season at home comes a new season for me at work. In celebration, I finally accepted an office space...but I had to Kristi it up, of course.


...and after. It's still in progress, but I am excited to have a happy place to work.

After a 13 hour commute day yesterday, now I'm up early to grade, as my online work has increased in this new season as well. I pray this new season is a season of balance, of living fully each day, and of counting my blessings often.

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